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Charming DIY Hair Clip Ribbon DIY for Disney Princess

You’ll have so much fun making hair accessories when you see how easy they are to make. There are a lot of web pages about how to make hair accessories, but many of them don’t have instructions on how to make the particular accessory, be it a hair bow, a hair clip or a headband.

Baby Alive Ariel Rainbow Hair Clip Ribbon DIY (Disney Princess Hair)

Learn how to make a trendy and lovely rainbow hair clip for princess Ariel with Polymer Clay! It is so lovely that she refused to take it off! It looks so cute on her as well! This is a wonderful craft that you can make! Watch the video below to see the instructions.

Snow White Flower Clip

Do you like tiny accessories? This doll hair clip is tiny, and sure to accent any doll’s coiffures. This is made with small kanzashi by folding tiny pieces of silk. Then it is arrange into this cute shape and affixed it to 2 cm clip. It has charming small bells!

Twisted Headband

Learn how to make a trendy twisted headband with this quick and easy tutorial that comes to us from Marilyn Clarkin. Once you figure out how to make one, you’ll want to make lots more to coordinate with all of your doll’s favorite outfits!

Fluffy heart Hair-clip

This adorable fairy-kei style hair-clip is perfect for finishing off a cute pastel style look. It has a soft fleecy texture with sparkling gems and an adorable bow charm affixed to it. The back has an alligator clip to hold the piece into your doll’s wig for styling.

Braided Fabric Headbands

You can easily make these attractive braided fabric headbands by following the instructions that you’ll find at ALISA BURKE . So easy to make that you can have a headband for any outfit.

Blythe Doll Lace Hat (Disney princess Hair Clips)

Every sophisticated lady knows that a cute Blythe doll lace hat is a must to complete a gorgeous dolls outfit. This adorable little 1 6 scale doll hat is made out of lace and is topped with a gorgeous little bow. An alligator clip makes it easy for wearing. If you know a Blythe fan, this little hat would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer gift for her.

Feather Headband

Feather Headband for Blythe dolls Peacock blue green handmade in Paris France hair band for doll