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How to Make Your Own Wind Chimes

Wind chimes (or wind bells) plays a soothing music when it’s windy. Typically, wind chimes are made from suspended tubes, rods, bells and other objects often made of wood or metal. They are hung outside our residences and they are ornaments great for porches, terraces, balconies but also for gardens. There are all sorts of beautiful wind chimes you can find much about everywhere, but isn’t it fun to make one yourself. And with things you can find around the house. It makes a beautiful statement as a garden decoration. And painting it can be a fun kid’s activity as well.

Seashore wind chimes

Lots of people have seashells in their house. So why not use them to make a lovely wind chime? You’ll need a beautiful branch, some transparent thread and something to make holes into the seashells with

DIY wind chimes

This is the best DIY wind chimes for kids, it will enhance their creativity. This is also best activity that you and your kids make some bonding moments. Try it now!

Windchime from a children’s toy (Best Wind Chimes)

Another ingenious idea would be to use an old xylophone toy. Use the colorful pieces to make a wind chime and hang them with beaded chain from a base that should also be metallic.

Caps Windchime

When you open a bottle of soda or a beer, don’t throw away the cap. When you’ll have enough you’ll be able to make a wonderful wind chime just like this one. It’s very original and unique.

Windchime Cans

If you have some empty metal cans around the house those can be useful too for a wind chime. Just paint them each a different color, make a tiny hole on their bottom and hang them with rope or thread. Use a crochet hoop or any other circular piece as a base.